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The Decoy Lodge has a number of modern conveniences to insure you have a great stay.  Some are basic, others may need a little explanation.  Below are operating instructions for each;


WiFi - WiFi is complimentary at The Decoy Lodge  

    Network: Bluewater Cabin 6

    Password: leechlake


Dish TV - 






































For Streaming Services (Netflix, Disney+, CBS All Access, etc)

Press the HOME button in the middle of the remote.  Select the desired service using the directional ring on the remote and select button.  You will then need to log into your account.  Please remember to logout of streaming services prior to your departure.

Bose 3-2-1 Stereo - The stereo is located over the fireplace mantel next to the tv.  Please be cognizant of your neighbors and play music within reasonable levels.

Amazon Alexa - The lodge is equipped with an Amazon Alexa Echo Dot, unit mounted behind the refrigerator.  Alexa will play through the Bose Stereo when the stereo source is set to "AUX."  Use Alexa to answer questions such as weather reports or to play your favorite music.


Gas Fireplace - Using the gas fireplace is incredibly easy, just flip down the black grill base at the bottom of the fireplace and push the "On," switch.  The fireplace will automatically ignite.  Please do not touch the flame control or pilot light knobs.  If the pilot is out, please call the front office for assistance. The fireplace is equipped with a blower fan, this is the light switch to the left of the T.V.  To use the blower, allow the fireplace to heat up for at least five minutes before turning on. 

Nest Thermostat - The Decoy Lodge has both central heat and air conditioning.  To optimize energy consumption, we've recently installed a Nest Thermostat.  In the winter, the lodge is kept at 60F when not in use.  If you're using the lodge in the winter, a comfortable 70F can be easily be attained usually with in an hour by adjusting the thermostat to 70F and turning on the gas fireplace and blower.  Once a comfortable temperature is attained, all you may need is the fireplace to maintain the heat.  We also suggest turning the three ceiling fans to circulate the warm air.


Using the Nest Thermostat, the Nest is very easy.  The Nest will automatically turn on when it senses a person near the thermostat.  To adjust the temperature simple press the screen, the home screen menu will be displayed.  Rotate the outer ring rotate through the menu.  When "Heat" is found, press the screen again.












    Nest Home Screen                       Heat Icon



Ceiling Fans - Both the master bedroom, loft bedroom and living have ceiling fans.  The bedroom ceiling fans are operated by wall mount switches.  Fan speed and the lights can also be operated by the chain pulls.  The longer pull operates the lights, the shorter pull operates the fan speed.  There are three fan speeds.  The living room fan is operated by the light switch to the right of the entry door.  The vertical slide operated the fan speed and the horizontal switch below operates the lights.


Weber Gas Grill -  The Decoy Lodge comes equipped with a Weber Spirit II gas grill and complimentary propane!  After using the grill, please be mindful of future guests and clean the grill before you leave.  This can easily be done by lighting the grill and turning the burners up to high for a few minutes.  When done, be sure close the valve on the propane tank and brush off any residue from from grates.


Board and Card Games- Unplug and play board game or card game!  We have a number of current and retro board games for your enjoyment.  Or try of our many puzzles.

Books - the Lodge has a number of vintage outdoor books and nature reference books available for your use, look for books on Birds of Minnesota, Mammals of Minnesota, Trees, Dragonflies, Streams and Rivers and other reference books to help you enjoy your time in the North Country.


Washer/Dryer - Our washer and dryer are pretty self-explanatory, detergent goes in the left reservoir, fabric softer in the right and bleach in the back.  Please note they're both large capacity units and even on the "Normal," setting, can take quite awhile, the normal wash cycle is 1 hour 15 minutes.  


Dishwasher - When using the dishwasher, please pre-rinse china, glass and silver in the sink.


Other Kitchen Amenities - Stove/Oven, Microwave, Coffee Maker (With filters), Faberware Electric Griddle (Located in the cupboard over Refrigerator), Kitchen Towels, Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer, Kitchen Aid Food Processor and Cuisinart Toaster.

002       PBS KTCA

004       CBS WCCO

005       ABC KSTP

009       FOX KMSP

010       PBS KWCM

011       NBC KARE

017       PBS KTCI

022       PBS KAWB

105       USA

106       TV Land

107       Comedy Central

108       Lifetime

109       LMN

110       Food Network

002       PBS KTCA

004       CBS WCCO

005       ABC KSTP

009       FOX KMSP

010       PBS KWCM

011       NBC KARE

017       PBS KTCI

022       PBS KAWB

105       USA

106       TV Land

107       Comedy Central

002       PBS KTCA

004       CBS WCCO

005       ABC KSTP

009       FOX KMSP

010       PBS KWCM

011       NBC KARE

017       PBS KTCI

022       PBS KAWB

105       USA

106       TV Land

107       Comedy Central

108       Lifetime

109       LMN

110       Food Network

111       DIY

112       HGTV

113       Cooking

114       E!

116       Game Show Network

117       POP

118       A&E

119       FYI

120       HISTORY 

121       VICELAND

122       SYFY

124       BET

125       FXX

126       SUNDANCE TV

127       OXYGEN

129       BRAVO

131       AMC

132       TCM

133       IFC

135       BBC AMERICA

136       FX

138       TNT

139       TBS

140       ESPN

141       ESPNU

142       ESNWS

143       ESPN2

144       ESPNA

145       ESPNA

149       FOX SPORTS 2

150       FOX SPORTS 1

152       MLB


154       NFL

155       NFL RED ZONE

156       NBA TV

157       NHL

158       CBS SPORTS

159       NBCSP

160       MTV

161       MTV2

162       VH1

164       FUSE

166       CMT


169       NICK JR



172       DISNEY EAST

173       DISNEY WEST

174       DISNEY XD

175       BOOMERANG

176       CARTOON NET

177       CARTOON NET


180       FREEFORM

181       TEEN NICK

182       DISCOVERY

183       TLC




187       HALLMARK

188       UP TV

189       OWN

190       NAT GEO WILD

191       Z LIVING

192       ID

193       SCI

196       TRAVEL

197       NATIONAL GEO

200       CNN

202       HLN

205       FOX NEWS

206       FOX BUSINESS

208       CNBC

209       MSNBC

210       CSPAN

211       CSPAN2



216       NEWSMAX

217       GRIT

218       FOLK

219       AMVO

237       LAFF

239       WGN AMERICA

241       PARAMOUNT

242       TRU

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