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Bird Watching

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Common Loon

Seasons: Spring, summer and fall

Where to look: Nests in small bays in May/June, can be found in larger bays and main lake in summer.

Notes: Loons can be seen on the main lake and will often come close to boaters. Their comforting, yet eerie calls are the true sound of the north country.


Trumpeter Swans

Seasons: Spring, summer and fall

Where to look: Small lakes and ponds

Notes: Minnesota is experiencing a resurgence in swan populations, almost extinct a hundred years ago, swains are now becoming common place in Northern Minnesota.


Bald Eagle

Seasons: Year round

Where to look: The Chippewa National Forest is home to one of the largest populations of Bald Eagles in the lower 48.

Notes: Eagles can be found within feet of the Decoy Lodge!  Just look in the tall pine trees on the point and across the bay by the BlueWater Twin Home.  


Blue Heron

Seasons: Spring, summer and early fall

Where to look: Herons are usually found along marshy shorelines


Notes: The bay in front of the lodge is a good place to look for Herons hunting minnows.   

Gold Finch

Seasons: Summer

Where to look: Anywhere you find Canadian Thistle


Notes: Gold Finches are prevalent right outside the Decoy Lodge on the bank between the cabin and lake.

American White Pelican

Seasons: Spring, Summer

Where to look: Shallow bays, anywhere with mud bottoms

Notes: We've seen White Pelicans on the west end of Shingobee Bay, near the mouth of the Shingobee River.  Pelicans will always be in flocks and are sometimes seen circling high above the lake.

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