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The Pride of Leech Lake

We celebrated Lisa's birthday in style this weekend with charter on the pride of Leech Lake, the Knotta Lotta. She's a beautiful 41 ft Catch and the largest sailboat to cruise the 115,000 acres of water that make up the lake. Captain Bruce from Sailing Daze, was our host and sailing instructor for our two hour tour. Bruce is an amazing guy who has spent many years sailing the Great Lakes and Chesapeake Bay. While you can absolutely sit back and relax, Capt Bruce gives you the option to man the wheel and run the lines if you like. We opted take turns at the wheel which really heightened the experience, especially if you caught a good gust of wind when it was you turn at the wheel. Winds were at 8 mph, with gusts around 12 mph, absolutely perfect for Knotta Lotta's 1000 square feet of sail. Bruce shared if you were uncomfortable with the speed, to turn the boat into the wind to slow the forward speed. It was just that easy! We had one situation where we over compensated on the turn, but no problem! The Knotta Lotta is equipped with a small inboard diesel motor. Capt Bruce engaged the motor, re-corrected our bearing and we were sailing again. I highly recommend Capt Bruce and the Knotta Lotta for truly unique experience on Leech Lake (

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