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We're getting closer!

On our daily quest to hit 10,000 steps per day, Lisa and took a walk along the Shingobee Connection last night headed south towards Miller Bay Landing. The forest felt like a rain forest due to temps in the 80's and super high humidity from the rain the night before. The forest was quiet, not a lot of animals stirring, but very green and lush. The wildflowers are really starting to pop with Columbines, Yellow Lady Slippers, Harebells and Queen Anne's Lace everywhere. As we walked down the peak of the hill along Christmas Point Road, we found the first evidence of bear activity in our neighborhood, two paw prints in the mud. I think they're pretty undeniable. After walking another half mile we turned around and headed back, we didn't get a visual on the bear, but a biker that passed us on the trail, confirmed he had recently seen two bears along the trail. I think its only a matter of time now.

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